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Polish Yachting Association of North America

The main purpose of Polish Yachting Association of North America (PYANA) is to promote the sport of sailing among people of Polish decent in the United States and Canada through:

  • the sponsorship of classes on seamanship, such as those offered by the US Coast Guard;
  • the organization and sponsorship of regattas;
  • promotion of recreational water sports;
  • development and organization of various clubs, races and joint ventures through sailing

By these means, we hope to encourage an appreciation of Sailing while fostering the different ethnic and cultural institutions inherent in the American spirit.

The Polish Yachting Association of North America (PYANA) was founded in as a Non Profit organization in 1999 in Chicago, USA. PYANA brings together five Polish sailing clubs:

  • Polish Sailing Club in New York
  • Polish-Canadian Sailing Club "ZAWISZA CZARNY"
  • Polish Canadian Yacht Club, "White Sail"
  • Polish Yacht Club of San Francisco
  • InterProSailing Team

PYANA is proud to be the owner of the world famous racing yacht Fazisi, which is over 25 meters in length!


March 12 - A meeting was held to elect new members of the PYANA Board of Directors.

Zarzad PYANA

The result of the elections selected:
* Krzysztof Kamiński as the Commander
* Janusz Kędzierski, Vice Commander,
* Antoni Kantor – Secretary,
* Michał Laster – Treasurer



Kalendarium PYANA